Saturday, March 1, 2014

To His Glory

It was past five o'clock today and I knew that my to do list had not been completed.  There was the monthly cleaning list as well as the day's tasks to tackle.

But with vigor, I started upon my duties with genuine zeal.  I prepared to make this time one of communion and thanksgiving with God.  I asked my daughter to borrow her itouch so as to be thoroughly engrossed in my tasks.  I gathered my cleaning supplies and thought on the irony of the joy associated with cleaning.  I mused it must be taking something dirty and making it nice and clean that appealed so greatly to me.  That is my Savior's work.  He took a lost and dirty me and saved and cleaned me up.  Thank You Jesus!

I wrung my mop and smiled.  Never would I have thought it possible to delight in such work.  I thanked Him Who had given me a home, husband, and family to clean for.  I thought how welcoming the home would look to my husband upon his arrival after a week of work.  I once again thanked Him Who is my joy.  

Finding my cleaning spree contagious, my girls set about the home to work as well.  They worked diligently on their tasks.  It warmed my heart to think of a house filled with working hands.  Jesus is so good.  Of all the things He could have made me, a homemaker was not on my radar.  I thank Him for His plans now,  although I would have formerly cringed at the thought.

My husband does indeed arrive with gratitude on his lips for an inviting abode.  Dinner is quickly served and consumed.  He prepares to leave for the men's prayer service  but not before receiving an onslaught of kisses and hugs from us, his girls.

Alicia and I continue our unfinished conversation regarding marriage.  It is lathered with much laughter, as is usual for us, and yet not lacking in the wisdom He furnishes.  We end the night completely content  in His goodness at allowing us to pray, work, and laugh together.

And I take this moment to reflect.  To think of the task before me and upon me--to raise two homemakers, regardless of whether or not they marry.  Although having no training thereof during my formative years in the matter, the Lord has been so gracious to teach me Himself.  I do not state the matter to bring any accusation against my mother in the least.  She has been working since the age of 16 and continues to do so.  Whatever she has lacked in showing me of the domestic sphere has been well compensated in teachings on compassion, generosity, and kindness through her example.

So I have this task before me but am not overwhelmed in the least.  He Who gave it to me will see me through it.  I am actually encouraged and excited about the prospect, thinking of how much we will each learn.  

Society would have us think homemaking a demeaning role.  Certainly, you were created to do more than just cook, clean, and birth babies?  But the world is wrong.  We were created for the praise of His glory and not our own.  So whether it is cooking, or cleaning, or birthing and training children, I will do it to the glory of God!

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.
Colossians 3:17