Saturday, March 8, 2014

Making a List

I don't do spring cleaning.  There I typed it:)!

For the most part, I attempt to keep the house clean through regular de-cluttering sessions instead of leaving it to a once a year event.

That said, I do like to re-evaluate the systems I have in place.

Here comes in two important tools:
1. notebook
2. inspiration

I divided this little notebook into five sections:
living room

I plan on going around the house and writing down anything I see that needs attention.  Once I have my notes together, I move on to step two.

I borrowed this lovely from the library.  I plan to look at my notes and look at the book for inspiration.  Then I will write down any corrections to our systems or items that have to be replaced.

This process will take a bit longer, but I don't want to rush out and buy things that won't work for our home.  There's really no rush, since my real first step will be de-cluttering:)