Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Keeping It Simple

We have a homeschool space in the living room that works very well for us.  I try to keep it as minimal in order to be functional for us.  I recently started looking at the workboxes and thought what a great idea to incorporate even though the girls are older.  While I like the idea of separating subjects and thus keeping everything nice and tidy, I wasn't too keen on the idea of more furniture pieces.

Enter the magazine holders.  I have had these things for just about ten years:) and have used them through out our house for different purposes.  Now it was their turn to be used in our homeschool area.
They are corralled into a Tang cardboard box we picked up at Costco that Alicia covered it with contact paper.  

Everything we use for homeschool (Sara's work and my manuals) all fit nicely there for us to see.  We literally just turn around and reach for the books.  I have enjoyed this system tremendously and wouldn't think of changing a thing.  Now I just have to find a solution for keeping the inside of the desks a little more organized.