Monday, October 7, 2013

Empties: September

I can't believe how many half-used products were lingering about that we have been able to use and get out of the house.  This little experiment has really helped me to:

1.   see just how much "things" can start to accumulate and take over cabinets, drawers, closets, etc.

2.   curb my purchasing
Before I would usually pick up two of items, you know just in case whereas, now I wait until said item is almost finished in order to repurchase.  Some times I get a better deal and sometimes I don't.  And I am ok with that:)  The space and clutter-free environment is more important to me right now.

3.  exercise self-control in other areas
Yes, I may be disciplined in the "beauty supply" department, but what about other areas?  It has helped my stock up mentality.  Instead of purchasing food because I know we will eventually eat it, I don't buy until we have consumed the food we already have then buy.  This is somewhat made difficult because we do the majority of our shopping at Costco, but it is doable.  It has also helped in the clothing and school supply areas:)

This round included:
1. Airwick lavender scent (not my favorite)
2.  Scentsy Ocean:)
3.  Lubriderm-will not repurchase since I am looking for more natural products
4.  Clean & Clear toner-have one more bottle of this
5.  Renpure Conditioner-will repurchase once I go through my other conditioners
6.  Body Shop lemon scrub-still have a few to go through...I think four of these
7.  Reach floss-I have quite of few of these (floss in general) to go through
8.  Listerine strips-I actually have to go out and buy some:)
9.  Tom's toothpaste-this takes some time to get use to:)

I will probably wait a few months before making another empties post because there really isn't much left.  As of now my total empties total is: 35!!

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