Monday, September 16, 2013

Book Review: Red Like Blood

Joe Coffey and Bob Bevington, authors of Red Like Blood:  Confrontations with Grace, introduce "story after story of brokenness and the grace that entered it."

In theory, this is a great idea for a book but the materialization was a disaster.  The stories seemed disjointed.  There were examples of make-shift, hyper grace with no apparent Biblical base.  The language made the book almost unreadable.  One of the authors is a pastor and his use of vulgarities was more than disappointing.  The need to use such filthy language for shock value seemed immature.  

There were some some stories that had redeeming value such as the AA meeting and Phil & Euretta.  The M&M illustration was helpful.  However, anything the reader may have taken from the book was trumped by the distasteful language and incongruity of the stories.  

Overall, the idea of the book to showcase God's grace to everyone, those in the church and those finding their way back is great.  But it failed to deliver.  Few Biblical references, rare glimpses of Biblical grace, and foul language make this book not a recommended reading.  

I received complimentary copy of this book from Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for an independent and unbiased review.

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