Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Travel Tips: Your Goody Bag

Now that your child has their fun pack, you might just require one of your own.

I suggest packing a little goody bag of your own to include:

1. Gum
2. Ear plugs 
3. Head phones (because now they are charging for them)
4. Lip balm
5. Small brush (for landing touch ups)
6. Socks (because my feet get cold)
7. Hair tie (to tame the locks)
8. Plastic bag (in case you don't make it to the bathroom)
9. Tissues
10. Mints/tums (you never know:)

I actually did not have a bag like this ready for our trip and now know better. I had some of the things listed above in my carry on purse and some I didn't. It would have just made things a lot easier to have it in one compact place rather than throughout my bag. Also, the flatter the better since you don't want to add any bulkiness to your bag.  

P.S. I also brought a scarf with me on the plane because this girl gets cold and they are charging for the blankets too!

1 comment:

  1. Def. lip balm is a must for travel. Also, baby wipes would be a great thing to pack when traveling with little ones.


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