Thursday, June 6, 2013

Travel Tips: Packing Light

Once again I turned to Pinterest for this one. I was on a mission to pack light for this trip considering we were making three stops in the Dominican Republic.

I wanted to take pieces knowing that they could be used more than once. I packed one pair of flip flops, one pair of sandals, one pair of crocs, and one pair of sneakers I traveled with. The sneakers and sandals I only wore once:). So I know for next time I won't pack those. Jean skirts and solid bottoms were ideal to mix and match with bright colorful tops. I had also found two jersey dresses from Target one in black and one in gray.  These were versatile pieces to layer.  Most of the color palette I choose to take were selected from the scarf pictured below.  

Each of girls fit our clothes on a carry on and Randy had a full suitcase. We checked all of our bags which made boarding and exiting the plane a breeze. We didn't really have any other luggage on hand besides the purses we carried and Randy's book bag which gave us plenty of leg room on the plane and made it easy to navigate throughout the airport. 

When packing, less can actually mean more-more leg room, more comfort maneuvering through airport security, more peace of mind!

Some must have items:
1. Sun hat (found here)
2. Scarf (a big lightweight scarf is so versatile. From blanket to wrap-it is a must)
3. Sunglasses
4. Purse (whether to carry a book, sunscreen, or other essentials.  Our hotel actually gave us one more comfortable than the one I had taken:)


  1. Hat? humm would have not thought of that one. How useful was it on the trip?

    The scarf is really pretty....looks like a VB pattern:)

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