Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Travel Tips: Medicine

Some of the "emergency kit" items I packed were as follows:

1. Band aids
2. Vapor rub

And that's it. And while I am not big on medication, I definitely think that next time around I will take a special little pink bottle (pepto bismol) and maybe some of their chewables in my goody bag because when you travel with children you just never know. I would also pack some mints in case any nausea takes place (which did after a turbulent ride). I also didn't bring our vitamins which I will next time. And while I did take mosquito repellent I would have liked to have on hand an anti-itch cream. Thank God that while I forgot these items, God didn't. Our family in Christ that we stayed with had these items on hand.


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  1. I would not have thought of this for traveling. Good to know:)


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