Monday, June 3, 2013

Travel Tips: Fun Pack

If you are traveling with little ones, this is a MUST!!!!

While planning for our trip to Dominican Republic, I also had to make some plans for Sara's (7 years-old) plan ride.  I quickly went to the source of cute ideas--Pinterest.

I found this and decided to modify it a bit since I knew I was not going to sew anything and wanted something quick and easy.

I opted to go the Target $1 section route and found these goodies:

I got the envelope/file folder pink thing and decided to fill it with the goodies I found (except the crayon box which I just added to her bag).

1.  Coloring roll
2.  Memory game
3.  Pack of Puzzles (these came two for $2)
4.  Notebook
5.  Pencils

In order for everything to fit, I took out the memory game and puzzles from their boxes and put them into plastic baggies.  Once everything was packed, I put into her own purse so she could take it out when she wanted.  

This was such a blessing on the round trip to the Dominican Republic.  I strongly suggest to pack something for your children while traveling.  Something like this could even work when you are out with  your children at appointments.  

I hope you found this helpful and if you have any suggestions on what you could add to the fun pack, please let me know.  

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  1. Great idea to take along to appointments. One can be made and kept in the car for those unexpected shopping trips:)

    Small coloring pages, story books would also work well.


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