Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spiritual Discipline: Don't Do it Alone

What if you are feeling stuck, condemned, or discouraged about your spiritual disciplines?  

Definitely pray!

"But that's the problem," you say, "I can't!"

Get together with someone.  Call someone.  Don't stay alone.

One of the enemy's tactics is to make us feel that there is something wrong with us.  There is something that we're just not getting.  So we feel inferior to those around us that we imagine are mounting on eagle's wings.  And praise the Lord if they are because they can help me.


Their example.  

If they can, so can I and so can you.  Because God makes no exception of person.  Their are no favorites with God.  If He is helping them, He can help me too!

The worse thing you could do at this point is remain silent.  Reach out to a mature sister in Christ whom you could confide your struggles.  Most likely she will pray with you and make suggestions that may help you.  With God's discernment, she might be able to point out pitfalls you aren't seeing.  Best of all, it's out there.  No longer a secret!  Someone else knows who will hopefully keep you accountable.  

So don't stay stuck, condemned, or discouraged about your spiritual disciplines.  Don't stay silent.  Don't do it alone.    

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