Friday, June 14, 2013

Organization: Take it One Day at a Time

It didn't take you one day to make the mess, so don't expect to conquer it in one day.

Take your organization one day at a time.  

Because your goal is not just a clean house but a functionally organized one, keep in mind you are creating a system.  

Any organizational system you develop will require maintenance. So make sure you are penciling those into your schedule. 

Once you make it a habit of purging your purse, tossing the expired coupons, and clearing the clutter, it won't be so overwhelming. 

Work these into your daily routine. There are some things, like cleaning out your purse that may not require  daily but rather weekly cleanings and other things like mail that I suggest going through daily and immediately. 

The point is to create these as a habit rather than a chore for you to do all at once. Before you know it, your house will be organized little by little and you will reap the benefits of knowing where stuff is, what you should buy or not buy when shopping, and overall more space.

The organization of your home is not a one day wonder but a process.  Hopefully, you've been able to learn that:

5.  Taking it one day at time

are all part of creating an organizational system in your home.  Be sure to share any tips on how you create and maintain fully functional spaces in your home.

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