Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Organization: Storage Solutions

When living is small spaces, you have to be creative on how you plan on storing all those things. Step one was discussed yesterday-clear the clutter.  If the spaces in your home are functional then deciding what comes and goes is easier. 

So today, we are dealing with what stays. 

How/where do I put all of it?

1. Shop your house
I shop at Costco, so their big bulk items come in big bulk packaging. Reuse that! Take for instance my tide pods. I bought small bags at CVS. Instead of having two bags, I paired them down into this once pickle jar I had gotten from Costco. 
I had also bought, not one but three, spools of twine from you guessed it-Target. Since it came in rolls, I decided to cut the top off one of the rolls and just wind the twine around it. All three (two and 1/4 since some of it had been used) fit on this one small cardboard piece giving me more space in my gift wrap area. So look around and see what you can reuse or create first. Remember the goal is not going to your local Target dollar section to find storage solutions.

2. Simple sometimes is better
Maybe you are trying to conquer paper clutter and think you need to buy those cute file folders to create a new file system. While cute is a good motivator, don't shop, just keep it simple. I find the simpler a system is the more I will use it. So in this case simpler wins cuter.

I wanted to get our homeschool paperwork organized, so I thought I should go to Staples and buy binders and dividers and etc. to get myself organized. I decided that my current simple system was working for me. A $0.01 folder and some already owned labels and sheet protectors were just fine. My paperwork was orderly and easily accessible. If the system works, work it and don't try to recreate the latest Pinterest board:)

3.  Splurges don't hurt either
With the above being mentioned, I don't want you to think that you are banned from having nice quality pieces in your home. On the contrary, sometimes it is better to splurge on items rather than constantly having to replace cheap ones. 

Take my caddy for example. It is a little bit on the pricey side for me, but it is a workhorse. It corrals those little do-dads that we use daily but would create clutter inside the girls' desks. So spending a bit more actually helped me in this case. 

I would definitely recommend holding off for a bit on splurges though just to make sure you need it. Often times the newest thing that you think will help you is sitting right in your own home and not in a store, but we will talk more on that tomorrow.

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  1. Kianna has convinced me on re-using glass jars. For the most part I think its a great idea. However, you just have to find the right size for whatever it is you want to house.


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