Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Organization: Repurpose

Yesterday's post briefly touched into shopping our own homes and repurposing items. I wanted to discuss repurposing in separate post so that hopefully you can find some inspiration. 

Yesterday I mentioned waiting to purchase the splurge item. Why? Because you may be able to skip it.

I wanted a storage solution for my homeschool teacher manuals. Once I saw this, I was convinced it would work perfectly for me until I saw the price tag. How could plastic cost that much?
Although, I had the money to purchase it, I decided to wait. And in my waiting my answer came (there's a revelation). I had not one but two bags I already owned that I could easily use more efficiently than my original plan. My bags fit alll my supplies and was mobile. I could take it out and move it around from room to room and then put it away when homeschooling was done. Score!!!

Another little repurpose I found was this little Body Shop container. Since I didn't want that bag of cotton rounds in my bedroom, I had to find a concealed place to keep them. Sure there is probably some little gizmo at a store that will keep them and maybe even pop them out to me but I wanted to use something on hand (something free). So when I saw the cute container, I knew it would be perfect. 

Just to show you that these little repurposes can happen and you can make them happen I will illustrate one more example. When I go to the gym I take my daughter's iTouch to listen to podcasts. I use my own headphones and after spending quite some time on the treadmill disentangling them, I decided I had to come up with a solution. I had actually seen cord keepers and cute ones too. Can you guess where? Target dollar section! But I refrained. Instead I have been using a hair tie. Why? Because I had one on hand and it is multi-functional which I really like. Once I take my head phones off I tie up my hair with the hair tie. Because I have been known to misplace those things, the hair tie is not only keeping my headphones from getting tangled but I can rest assured I have a hair tie with me when I go to the gym.

you can see the headphones used similarly used here in my travel goody bag

I hope you are inspired to repurpose items in your home to stay organized. Be creative and think outside of the box. And if you come up with any good ideas, come back and share them.

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  1. Thinking out of the box Karen! That organizer looks quite functional but it seems really big and boxy.

    I opted for magazine files to corral Geni's h.s and binders. Looks neat on my bookshelf and I can just pull them out when needed and slip them right back in their spot when done:)


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