Friday, June 14, 2013

Organization: It Starts With Me

Instead of trying to organize your entire house and get everyone in the family on board---start  small and start with you!  

You don't want to get overwhelmed when trying to organize your home because you will just quit before you start.

So start small.  Start with you.  

Start with something you commonly use like your purse. I can not list how many times I have forgotten things because of the shuffling of things from one purse/bookbag to another.

1. List must carry items
Begin with a list of must carry items that way you know what to put into the purse and what must stay out. This list should be in place before you start dumping your purse's contents back inside.

2. Throw out the trash
You are really going to start to see the functionality of your purse once it is wrapper and receipt free. Throw out the trash and expired receipts. Depending on the style of your purse, this might be a good time to also spot clean your purse.

3. Filler up
If your purse does not have many compartments, try using small cosmetics bags to keep other items besides cosmetics organized. One such bag could carry a reusable bag, small notepad, and pencil to keep you organized for shopping trips. Tired of wasting money buying fast food when out running errands? Pack some mommy snacks for yourself in a small bag. Instead of having to rearrange things when you switch purses out, you will only have to move your little bags.

Let the organization start with you. Tackle an area or item you use a lot (hair and makeup, shoes, scarves). Once you see the results, it will motivate you to tackle other areas of your home.

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