Friday, June 21, 2013

Homeschool: Surviving the Choices

Homeschooling comes with so many choices.

That's what makes homeschooling GREAT!  

But at times it doesn't feel so great when you are bombarded with choices.  From where, to when, to how, to with what, there are lots of choices to make.

Today I just want to encourage you to make the choices you feel led by the Lord to make.  No two homeschooling families are going to look alike because each family has its own dynamics.  So let's not try to replicate one another but rather glean from one another. 

I enjoy hearing how other homeschooler's manage schedules and choose curriculums.  Seasoned homeschoolers are a wealth of information.  But no one besides God is the final authority on what works for your family.  

These are some things to avoid choice bombardment:

1.  Pray
There's no better way to clear the brain clutter than prayer.  Set some time before scheduling, planning, and buying to pray and also some time afterwards.  God's guidance and direction are invaluable.

2.  Ask
After prayer, my husband's wisdom is a major source for me.  Since he knows me VERY well, he will be able to tell whether my latest "idea" is a go or a no:)

3.  Listen
Listening to others is sooooooooo important.  Your children are a good source of information of what's working and what isn't.  And while you can't let their every whim dictate your decisions, their observations should be taken into serious consideration.  

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