Friday, June 21, 2013

Homeschool: Planners

This is probably one of my favorite subjects because I like a good planner. 

One of the first decisions I had to make is to stop looking at planners. Since I am very specific in how I like the layout of things, I had to stop looking at other planners and create my own. It is nothing fancy. It just works for me. You on the other hand may prefer a pre-made one and that's great. Whether custom made or pre-made, the point is to use it. 

I have noticed that the more aesthetically appealing something is to me, the more I will use it. So if you are the same, this may not be where you want to cut corners since important information has to be recorded daily. I am not suggesting you go wild here and break the budget to get the extra jumbo deluxe premium platinum planner. Rather, you can add things like colored pens, stickers, and even washi tape to liven things up a bit. 

One more thing I learned is that it has to be bound. I can't have anything that I can add or change because I will spend more time on perfecting the planner than actually using it. So I have to print it out and bind it. If I notice some thing doesn't work, I make a note about it and will make the changes for the next year. 

Find a planner that works for you and stick to it.

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