Thursday, April 18, 2013

Book Review--A Noble Groom

In A Noble Groom, author, Jody Hedlund sets out to tell Annalisa Werner's story, one marked by a life of hardships and disappointments.  Yet, things unseemingly take a turn after the death of her husband with the promise of new husband and the unexpected arrival of an interim helper, Carl Richards.  Will this new husband be the solution to her problems or will his arrival prove disastrous?

From the onset, the characters and plot captivate you.  Who is this forlorn woman who has had to face tragedy and adversity all the while still determined to fight to remain on her land?  Who is this noble man accused of murder and sentenced to execution?  And how will their lives intertwine?

Annalisa's character is credible.  She is a wife, a daughter, a mother.  She is a woman.  In her eyes, her value consists of the work she can provide on the farm and the sons she can bear.  Nothing more.  Her world does not consist of the love she recounts in her story-telling to her young daughter.  Yet, her heart yearns for it.  

But she still couldn't keep from wishing somehow things could be different--that she could be more important to the men in her life, that she could make them love her, that she could find a way to earn God's attention. p. 23

With the arrival of the mysterious Carl Richards, a supposed helper for Annalisa, the story takes on another demension.  Their survival story  becomes more than just one for survival's sake.  It becomes a story of surviving one's past and even one's present to become who God wants.  This becomes evident in Carl's life just as much as Annalisa's.

He was a nobleman, not a peasant farmer.  He wasn't born for a life of hard labor.  He was far above such menial work.  God had gifted him a a scholar and a learned man.  And he should be somewhere else putting his talents to good effort, rather than languishing in a farm field.  p. 91

Although the author had a great opportunity to develop these characters, it did not seem to happen.    The focus became in finding whether a passionate marriage was possible rather than finding their worth in Jesus.  Waiting to see when the characters were going to develop strong convictions and yet not having it happen made the story seem to drag on a bit.  

The story and characters were interesting  Seizing the opportunity to demonstrate their growth and the realization of God as more than just a vague personage was missed.  

I received a complimentary copy of above mentioned title from Litfuse  in exchange for an independent and unbiased review.

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