Friday, March 15, 2013

Book Review--The Full Armor of God

Larry Richard's The Full Armor of God claims to be a handbook that offers an ironclad defense plan against the spiritual forces of this dark world by wearing the full armor of God as detailed in the Bible. 

The book is broken into seven parts and two appendices. The first and last parts seek to help us understand spiritual forces and presents a conclusion while the parts in between seek to demonstrate each part of the armor of God and its function. Appendix A deals with Biblical Demonology whereas Appendix B offers the "Live Free Support Group" Lesson Plans. 

Whereas, I can not agree with the author's Trinitarian theology, I appreciate his desire to shine light on the subject of fending off demons, identifying possible open doors to demons, as well as casting them out.

The author goes into detail describing the function of each component of the armor against demonic attack in correlation with its original usage in the Roman army. He also goes into depth describing our role in weakening our defense against the enemy as well as the enemy's actual schemes. Examples to illustrate his points are clearly laid out making it easy for the reader to understand the material. 

Each part included exercises for the reader such as prayer, Bible memorization, and journaling. While these are useful, there are some other practices that seemed too much like contemplative prayer which is actually antithetical to this book's purpose since it opens door to the demonic. 

The appendices are very useful in identifying the need for casting out demons as well as facilitating the process in a group setting. Bible memorization is a key component in appendix B which was especially encouraging. 

Whereas I do not agree with the author's theology, I appreciate his boldness in taking on such a hard topic and providing additional resources for the reader.

I received this book for free from Bethany House for this review.

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