Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Favorites--Homeschool:Teacher Edition

As a homeschooling mom, you can be bombarded by a plethora of "it will change your life" gadgets.  I think the balance between buying everything that may work for someone else but not you and not buying anything is assessing your "needs".

Personally, I like:

An item as to meet this criteria in order to make it into the (virtual) shopping cart.  

These are some things that make my homeschool day (as a teacher) run smoother or make it prettier (because my aesthetic surroundings are important to me).  

Topping this list and probably every list for me is the Bible, so I will keep it in a category of its own.  I can't imagine homeschooling (or anything) without the Word.  It is our foundation and road map along the way.  CAUTION:  Do Not Attempt Homeschooling without the Bible!

My Top 5 Favorites:
1.  This carousel has helped me corral those loose items that we are constantly using.  It also helps that it's right in the middle of the desk making it highly accessible. (The one I have is different from the link.  I bought mine at Hobby Lobby with a coupon code and free shipping:)

2.  Post notes--whether to serve as a page marker or write a quick reminder, these are a staple

3.  Planner--need I say more?  It helps me stay on track and having it color coded this year just made it all the more inviting to use.  I had used a flex binder, but the ability to take out and add just added a distraction in the record keeping/scheduling that I do not need

4.  Book holder--this is such a blessing.  Because I am usually multi-tasking, it helps to have the TM open to the page instead of having to open it up constantly.  It also frees up space:)  

5.  Clean Space--I am not able to concentrate in busy (aka messy) places so keeping our homeschool area clean and orderly is essential for me.  Instead of spending time to look for things, there is a place for everything and everything in its place (most of the time at least:)

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  1. I eyed the carousel at Michael's the other day. With a 50% off coupon it could turn out to be a good deal. The knobs pull out drawers?

    Def. a planner has to work around the persons specific needs.


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