Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Book Review--The Captain's Bride

Lisa Tawn Begren's The Captain's Bride is a gripping tale of love and betrayal on the high seas as well as on the new land of America.

Instantly, one is drawn into the story line as one after another, the characters' secrets start unfolding.   Even the most "perfect" of characters soon discover life is not so perfect thus shattering dreams but creating new ones.  

That is exactly what this novel is about--new beginnings.  Each character desires a new beginning for various reasons.  Whether to start their married life or save their marriage, the characters find themselves leaving their homeland in search of the their new beginning in America.  However, things start to unravel as life on the seas, despite it picturesque vistas, starts to experience physical and emotional storms.  Will they be able to weather the storms even when unexpected cargo--Tora Anders threatens to destroy one life after an other in pursuit of her selfish goals?

Their life at sea and the arrival in America is not so much a travel journey but one of growth.  The protagonists learn that marriage is not the same as the captaining of a ship or the painting thereof.  While other characters learn that their actions have consequences often times hurting the innocent.  Restoration and forgiveness is a lesson they will have to learn over and over once their sea journey ends and their land one begins.  

Overall, this book captivated one's attention and heart.  One could not help becoming distraught as the characters lived through tragedies and becoming angry as the nemesis continued to wreak havoc on those around her.  This is an excellent read for a mature audience, since some themes and innuendos are explicit. 

For more information click here or to read the first chapter click here.  

I received this book for free in exchange for an independent and unbiased review.   

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