Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bible in 90 Days Review

At the end of this year, 2012, I will have read the Bible in 90 days for the the third time.  So, after having done this a few times, I have formed some opinions regarding it:)

1.  Discipline
You are IN the Word.  You have to be disciplined since you are reading about 12 pages a day.   

2.  Cohesive
Genesis to Revelation becomes more cohesive when you are reading it at this rate.  You are more likely to see the correlations among the books.

3.  Familiar
I did not notice this benefit immediately, but I actually was able to recollect certain Bible passages that I was not able to do so before.  

1.  Getting Backed Up
It can be discouraging if you fall behind one or two days tempting you to give up.

2.  Reading not Studying
Because the focus is finishing, studying the Word does take a back seat (at least for me it does).  

3.  Skimming not Retaining
Once again because there is "pressure" to finish and not get backed up, you can find yourself skimming and not really retaining what you are reading.  

Overall, I would recommend you try this method of Bible reading at least once.  Definitely do not do it alone.  All three times I have done it alongside my daughter, Alicia.  It helps to keep you motivated and accountable.  Also, choose a time frame that works for you.  I have done it January-March, June-August, and October-December.  Consider holidays, vacations, and other calendar events when choosing a time frame.  

Why should you give it a try?  You will never again have the excuse that there is not enough time to read the Word of God daily:)

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