Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Goals Update

1.  Read another book
2.  Finish Sara's Shutterfly album
3.  Update our Family album up to September
4.  Complete Building Her House Challenge
5.  De-clutter house--I know it seems like I do this a lot:) but I consider it so worth it.  It doesn't take days or even hours upon hours...maintenance is key:)
6.  Keep Homeschool paperwork updated
7.  Finish Study on self-discipline with the girls and start a new study
8.  Do some freezer cooking
9.  Get back on track with our daily to-do's
10.  Go semi-paperless in regards to planning

(Update:  Sara's album is done!  Now waiting to be ordered:)

Ok so this month was horrible in terms of goals, but I am determined to finish them one step at a time.  Although, I didn't get a lot done in terms of goals, there were some things I did begin to develop which I plan to build on.

For example, this month I managed to read three books.  Reading is something I enjoy immensely and have to discipline myself to do.  

The Shutterfly albums have been a big wamp wamp.  I think partly because I am thinking of a different approach for chronicling for the girls.  But I have to stay focused and just get Sara's album done and ordered first.  I may just decide to do it after writing this post so that it doesn't make it to next month's list of goals:)  And ours will get done in the name of Jesus!

Because I started decluttering, I realized that there were some little projects lingering about the house that had to get done.  Nothing major besides little touch ups here and there.

Although, we didn't get to finish the Bible study on self-discipline, I think we definitely learned this month what happens when you are not.  Life lessons:)  I may just decide to take these two months off to do more of an informal study.  We have been persevering in family Bible Study which is a blessing.

I snuck in the freezer cooking with Ali yesterday.  We used some pumpkin puree from here and made a batch of pancakes.

As the new year approaches, I like to evaluate what has worked and what hasn't.  As much as I would like to go paperless, I am not sure I can.  I like to check off boxes and cross out my to do list.  But one of the challenges I am having is that it's too many books (I think:).  So, I am still evaluating and seeing if this is the route I want to go.  

For next's months goals, I will have to be minimal.  With the holidays approaching, I don't want to add anything extra to my plate (besides some turkey:).  I will most likely focus on tying up the loose ends around here.  

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  1. Awesome! You are making headway on your list.


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