Monday, November 5, 2012

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home:Day 1

I have attempted to do this on my own for about two months and have failed miserably.  But there is something about doing this together that motivates and keeps me motivated.

I'm talking about Crystal's 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Series.

I was so excited to find out that Crystal was doing this right before the New Year too!  I am actually working on a de-cluttering project on the side, so I have a head start:)

A simplified version is also encouraging.  

About a week ago, I had begun to do this but quit midway.  Consequently, I went to CVS to do a deal and I had left my extra care card home.  Thank God for sisters who come to the rescue:)  

My purse is perfect for me.  It has 6 interior pockets to keep me organized.  And it works when I actually use them instead of just tossing items inside.  The little exterior pocket is great for my lip care  item (that what it reads on my Nivea, but to me it's plain old chapstick:)

This is not a "what's in my purse" post although that would be fun, but I did want to share an after photo. I usually dive into projects which makes for taking before pictures difficult.  Enjoy!

Even though I might not blog about the challenge every day, I do hope to do the challenge every day.


  1. Oh your purse is so cute! I love Vera Bradley.

  2. Your purse looks great - very tidy! I completely agree that there is something different about a challenge when other people are doing it, too.

  3. i hope to do the challenge as well. I was excited hen I first read about....hopefully the motivation lasts!!

  4. I could try it but i have not been successful in the past in any long term project. Lack of discipline and motivation .


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