Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What I'm Warming--Guest Post

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Today it's not what I'm warming, but what Sydney is warming.  Enjoy!

On more occasions than I can count, I have walked into my home late at night and had the smell of the dinner I cooked earlier in the day linger in my home. Traces of garlic, peppers and onion was obnoxiously obvious. Suffice it to say that is not the aroma I want to welcome my family and I back home.

I have tried the popular room sprays, famous brand name candles and the like with no obvious results. 

I attended a Scentsy party at Karen’s home and I was immediately fascinated by the designs of their beautiful warmers as well as being able to smell right then and there the over 80 fragrances that Scentsy offers. 

The idea of being able to infuse my home with delicious aromas with no flame or black soot was a very attractive idea especially since I have a three-year-old daughter. 

I purchased for my home a beautiful Scentsy Do-It-Yourself warmer in white. The warmer was even more detailed and gorgeous than it looked online. 

The warmer has lovely square cut-outs at the base, which provide soft ambient lighting. The effect of the soft lighting is even more beautiful in the evening. 

Along with the 5 Scentsy bars I ordered I received a 6th bar in the fragrance of my choice completely free! As a gift, Karen gave me the Coconut Lemongrass fragrance foam. When I first saw it in the catalog I was immediately drawn to the attractive bottle design. When I pumped the fragrance foam, it left a light lemony scent and not the unappealing alcohol smell that you get with most antibacterial gels.

To set up my warmer was fast and extremely easy, too. I inserted the 25 watt bulb that comes with the warmer, set the plate on top of the base of the warmer, and popped out a Scentsy bar cube, and let the warmer melt the fragrant wax. 

I have since warmed Perfectly Pomegranate, Awakening and I am currently warming Sweet Pea and Vanilla. The scents are not overpowering at all. They fragrance bars emit a gentle and comforting smell throughout my home. 

I must state that the warmers are really much more beautiful in person. The scent bars come in a wide variety to compliment any mood, season or particular preference. Whether you prefer hints of soft floral bouquets or if you want to spice it up with the rich smells of decadent bakery treats Scentsy has something for you. I will be stocking up on light bulbs and ordering scents from the Fall & Winter collection. 

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  1. Great post! Would love to smell the Sweet Pea and Vanilla in bar form. Sara's scent pack smells wonderful, so the bar must smell great.



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