Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Goals & September Goals Update

September's Goals:

1. Finish Reading the Bible
2. Make Pancake Batch
3. Keep Homeschool Paperwork Updated

Taking this one day at a time has made all the difference.
4. Finish Sara's Shutterfly Album
I came so close to finishing it (just one month and last page left to do).
5. Read Another Book
6. Celebrate Our 10 Year Anniversary in Christ!

We went out to dinner and a little shopping.
7. Complete Building Her House Challenge
I did a few things on this list, maybe 50%, maybe?!
8. Finish Study on Diligence with the Girls and Start a New Study from hereWe have started our study on being a self-disciplined woman!
9. Finish Putting On a Gentle & Quiet Spirit: A Woman After God's Own Heart Series
10. Update Family Album for at least two months
I didn't work on this at all:(

Overall, I think 7 out of 10 is pretty good.  I am so excited about this month.  I think October is my favorite month (or at least top 3) with the crisp air, warming aromas, and beautiful colors.  Being that it started on a Monday is a bonus.

For this month, it will be more about new projects as well as finishing up some loose ends from last month.  So this month's goals include:

1.  Read another book
2.  Finish Sara's Shutterfly album
3.  Update our Family album up to September
4.  Complete Building Her House Challenge
5.  De-clutter house--I know it seems like I do this a lot:) but I consider it so worth it.  It doesn't take days or even hours upon hours...maintenance is key:)
6.  Keep Homeschool paperwork updated
7.  Finish Study on self-discipline with the girls and start a new study
8.  Do some freezer cooking
9.  Get back on track with our daily to-do's
10.  Go semi-paperless in regards to planning

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  1. Praise the Lord you completed just about all that you had on your to-do list for last month! I noticed that when I write out my to-do's, I feel more committed to carry them out.

    October is special to me as well...a lovely and sweet sister of mine celebrates another year in the LORD!!!!


May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14