Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I'm Warming & A Special Offer

With the weather dropping last week and lots of rainy/cloudy days, I decided that I should start having the house smelling like fall.

I am warming Oats & Honey.  It's another discontinued one:(

Let me start off by saying that my teen was the one who picked this one out (without smelling it).  When we received it and opened it up to smell, it got a big thumbs down:(  None of us liked it.  But my daughter convinced me to give it a try (although she will deny it if asked).

And I am glad I did.  It is nice and subtle, not over powering at all.  I think it's a perfect transition scent from summer to fall when you are not ready to go full fall yet and break out the Pumpkin Marshmallow (which surprisingly smells good but I have not warmed).

What I am looking forward to warming is September's Scent of the Month--Caramel Pear Crisp, which is 10% off this month.  Sooo good. The strongest scents in this one are carmel and crisp with the pear scent giving it a fresh smell.

Also, starting today through December 31, 2012, Scentsy Buddies will be on a BOGO sale (while supplies last and some exclusions do apply).   You get to pick the Scent Pak for one Buddy and receive a mystery Scent Pak will be sent for the other Buddy:).

This is a good time to stock for presents for birthdays and baby showers which I like to do.  My husband will usually tell me that so and so co-worker just had a baby, so this would eliminate me having to head out to do some last minute shopping.


  1. When I first smelled the Oats & Honey I wasn't to sure about it.
    Getting to smell it once again the warm and cozy fall aroma def. changed my mind. It is a really lovely scent.

    I have warmed Luna and Perfectly Pomegranate, which smell fantastic!

    1. I am so glad you are enjoying them:)

  2. Yep!!! My "welcome home" scent does not only have my office smelling good, but rather the entire suite. Funny thing is that there is a mystery of where the smell is coming from since the plug in is hidden!!! Haha :)

    1. You may have to bring me a cube home so that I can experience it:)


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