Thursday, July 1, 2010

BF Homework: Chapter 26

God commanded Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply.

We have the same commandment from the Lord today to go out and make disciples.  So we'll be looking at fruitfulness through a spiritual perspective.  And I think it's an area where satan attacks HARD.

He wants to deceive us into thinking we're barren spiritually, our lives don't produce good fruit that remains, that we're useless.  And he employs many tactics to achieve his goal.  He may instill a fear of failure, a discontented heart, an unteachable spirit.  His goal is to divide, destroy, and kill.  He does not want God's purpose to come to pass in our lives--and one of those purposes is a fruitful life.

Now that fruitfulness may look very different in each life, but it should be there.  

This week we'll be considering exactly that:

How does fruitfulness look in your life?  If you don't believe your life is fruitful, what do you think is causing it?  

Truly, this study has been a blessing to me, as I hope for you.  I have been challenged to re-visit areas of my life that I thought were "done" and look at other areas of my life with fresh eyes.  During the process, Holy Spirit has uncovered lies or residue of lies in my life and has replaced them with God's Truth.  And that's the point--for our lives to be changed.

The enemy would want nothing more than to see us give up but we are not women of that caliber.  We won't accept defeat!  We will press on, knowing that His plans for us are good, his thoughts concerning us are high, and his love for us is great!

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