Saturday, June 5, 2010

Home Builder: De-cluttering

How did I go from this:

to this?

Well, let me start off my stating my old way of de-cluttering the house.  I would start cleaning a room and have to put something away in another room.  All of a sudden although I started cleaning the living room, the closets and bedrooms ended up being ransacked.  Without warning, now the entire house was a mess.

Bad method.

Some things I've learned about de-cluttering our house:

1.  Start and Stick to 1 Room
If your goal is to get rid of junk from your house and organize that which is staying, focusing on one room at a time is the best way.  First, you won't get overwhelmed.  Secondly, you will at least have one room in the house that is done and can be your retreat while the rest of the rooms are being tackled.  Seeing that room done will also keep you motivated as you work your way through the house.

2.  Sort
As you can see in the above picture, I like to dump things on the floor.  I like to envision the room done by having the mess in one part of the room and off the furniture.  It also makes me have to get rid of it because how long can you live like this?  However, this method can also lead to some piles (AHHHHHHH!  I'm free, I'm free:).  So while I do recommend dumping everything on the floor, I also suggest sorting which I learned from my husband.  On Monday, I had hit a wall concerning this pile.  I saw things that we were going to keep but had no place for.  Once Hubby started sorting, I was able to see that nope not everything was staying.  As a matter of fact, two bags were thrown away.  Putting like items together, let's you see what you have.  It's easier to toss/donate things you no longer use or have multiples of but didn't know because it was scattered throughout the house.  Putting like items together, also avoids multiple trips around the house.  Once we sorted things out, I was able to put things where they belonged.  It also helped that I was super tired and was willing to throw out A LOT at this point to be done.  The drawback of this though is that you don't want to get fleshly.  So know when to quit and leave the rest for tomorrow.  A clean house does not beat a peaceful one.

3.  Seek Help
Maybe you've hit a wall and don't know what to do.  Invite someone else over.  Maybe they can provide a fresh perspective or give you new ideas.  They are also not attached to your things which will help you to throw out that 3rd grade report card you're still holding on to:)  It can be fun.  It doesn't all have to get done in one day.  You can make it a nice girls day in and reward yourselves with iced lattes afterwards.

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  1. Love this!
    I found you as I was browsing Erica's blog (confessions of a homeschoolers). This is a great post!


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