Friday, June 18, 2010

Count Your Blessings

Picture 19

1.  No matter how small, tiny, practically invisible, God will bring it to light...thank You Jesus!  God ministered me on something I didn't even know had to be dealt with...but it is freeing to know He's there molding...Glory to God!

2.  Thank You Lord that Mami lives so close and is willing to stay with the girls:)  Lord, bless her in Jesus' name

3.  Visited Hubby's uncle and family and met the new member of their family:)

4.  Car wouldn't start but praise the Lord is was just the battery!!!!

5.  Visited FIL and went looking for our tot's dress for the wedding with my's an adventure with those two!!!!

6.  Have enjoyed some special time with the Lord...refreshing times

7.  Hubby has given me wise counsel concerning some things that were on my heart...thank You Lord for the wisdom you deposit in him

8.  Hubby has 2 days off this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9.  Mami brought her baby (me) some chicken soup when I wasn't feeling 100% on Monday

10.  Really blessed to see the sisters at church coming together to help out on the wedding...using those God given talents

11.  Being fortified in the Lord and in the power of His might

12.  Thankful for HIM!

13.  Ventured out with both girls in tow to go and get our tot's wedding dress...riding the NYC bus is an adventure in itself...thankful we got the dress and at a discount b/c of a minor unnoticeable stain

14.  Returned some shoes that I accidentally bought in 7W for my tween's slim feet and got a credit which used to get two pairs  on bogo for $2.48 OOP!

15. Hubby came home and brought me a surprise but better than than was a sweet note he wrote me:)

16.  Ordered our new Bibles for this upcoming Bible study and also ordered a new Bible study for me completely free using my swags...thank you Lord for depositing a hunger for Your Word!

17.  Visited Syd while Hubby worked on his paper and got to see Kiki standing in her playpen...she loves her cousin and was giggling away with her:)

18.  We ran through a practice yesterday for the wedding and the kids were too much...they looked so cute walking down the aisle

19.  Caught a ride with Syd & fam and enjoyed sitting next to Kiki and seeing all her cute faces:)

20.   Enjoying the Lord...delighting in His presence!

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May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14