Friday, June 11, 2010

Count Your Blessings

Picture 19

1. Started off the weekend by going to the beach and enjoyed it tremendously:)

2. Visited FIC and we got to see Hubby's aunt which she thought after not seeing him for so long, she wouldn't recognize him...yeah right?! I find it so cute that she rejoices on how much our tot looks like him. She calls our daughter over to her just to study her face:)

3. Went to a Women's Conference at a local church with sisters from my home church and it was a blessing...the Word was on time and the food was delicious

4. On Sunday, we dropped by Maria's house and enjoyed fellowship...thanks for having us over on such short notice

5. Mami is back!!!! All of us are so happy that she's here with us again:)

6. Got an unexpected deal at CVS:)

7. Hubby went back to work on Tuesday...and although our tot was asking him to quit so that he could stay at home with us, we are content that God has provided him with employment

8. Had a good time studying health with the girls:)

9. Visited FIL and spoke to blessed to hear what God is doing in his life

10. After some time of eating farina, the girls were so happy to eat oatmeal...they're learning to be content:)

11. Mami visited me and brought me a box full of muffins and later in the week some danish:)

12. I visited Mami late Wednesday and we spent a beautiful time talking...I love to see her heart and the work the Lord has done in her and is doing in her...thank You Lord for our relationship

13. Hubby went with me to do a CVS run and I don't know who was more amazed-him or the cashier??!! It was nice just to walk with him in the rain and have him completely destroy the umbrella to which I laughed (he says loudly) in the streets:)

14. The girls were so helpful this week around the house... MAINTENANCE

15. The girls have been using their homeschool space and are really enjoying it...I am probably going to do a final walk through and see if it's done, but I won't do it just yet, I'll wait

16. Our tween received a blazer from a SIC whose wedding is in 8 days!!!!!!!

17. Started on our penmanship and dictation...and there's work to be done:)

18. It was a G-R-E-A-T mail week...a couple of packages and SCR from Rite Aid:)

19. Enjoyed taking a walk just me and our tot...she's really fun to talk to because she can have the most acute observations

20. Have spent such a beautiful week with the Lord. He's showing me things and ministering me ways I have not experienced. I thank Him so much that He is so persistent and detailed.

Trust me in you times of trouble,
and I will rescue you,
and you will give me glory."
Psalm 50:15 (NLT)

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