Friday, June 4, 2010

Count Your Blessings

1. Got a haircut and Hubby said, "You look so cute!"

2. I thought the house was done but look at what was lurking about

Hopefully, this junk will never return. Can you tell that I like to paint?

3. Visited Abuela again this weekend and she's so excited about my MIL's return

4. MIL returned safely from Dominican Republic and we went to see her

5. The Children's service on Sunday was so anointed...the praise and worship was beautiful for God's glory!

6. Joined Syd & fam for an impromptu picnic at the park...the men got a goood workout...HA!

7. Got our last piece of furniture for the house...a rare find but perfect for the room

8. Went to the library with the girls and sat there and was so nice and cool in there:)

9. Held a pack of diapers for Syd @ CVS and she ended up getting them for $1.49 for a mega pack!

10. Our tot visited her Daddy's job and was asked lots of the same questions that she kept on having to repeat herself--her comments:)

11. Daddy and his girls went miniature golfing and had a great time--new pastime??

12. Our sweet, sweet SIC neighbor blessed us with these:

13. This was the last of the mess in the ENTIRE house! I hit a wall and couldn't figure out what to do with it BUT praise the Lord, we tackled it Wednesday night and it's MAINTENANCE!!!!

14. I repurposed our wreath from this to this:

15. I am almost finished scheduling Science for next year...I think that means only Spanish and Reading left:)

16. I decided to start next year will be laid back (more than even now:) but I found some books (during our cleaning) that I would like to finish before jumping into next year's curriculum...the girls are excited!

17. I finished and gave my Michael's project to my Co-Pastor who celebrates his Earthday today...Father increase wisdom and knowledge and revelation of Your Word to him...May he only find delight in Your Presence...May he find renewed strength the name of Jesus...Amen!

18. Looking forward to fellowship with SIC from a local church...I've never been to such an event, so it will be interesting and anointed...Father glorify Yourself in our lives!

19. Although Hubby's vacation is almost over, we've enjoyed it tremendously and look forward to some extra days he has to take too!

20. Our tot has been speaking a lot about receiving a letter from Abdi, our sponsored child in Africa, because she wanted to write him a letter. On Thursday, God got to her a letter from Him and she's been working on his letter already...thank You Jesus!

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