Monday, June 14, 2010

CH 23: Ashes Instead of Honor

How did you first come to realize that you are a virgin daughter of the King?

Tamar's story is a difficult one.  She is the daughter of the King-David, a man after God's own heart.  Her life should have been carefree but it wasn't.  She was raped by her brother and left unprotected and disgraced by her father's inaction.  Who could understand her pain?  Her grief?  Her shame?  Who would console her?  She became desolate.

And yet the Bible mentions two other Tamars-one an ancestor and another a descendant.

Her ancestor Tamar was a widow without children.  She was told by her father-in-law to go and live in her father's house as a widow (Genesis 38:11) to await her future husband to grow older.  By trying to preserve the life of his son, Shelah, Judah planned on sending Tamar away and keeping her childless.  But Tamar was not willing to live a desolate life.  Eventually she ends up pregnant by Judah himself and he says about her, "She is more righteous than I, since I wouldn't give her to my son Shelah."(Genesis 38:26a)  Although Judah, did not sleep with her again, she indeed gave  birth to two twin boys, Perez and Zerah.

Then there is her descendent, her niece Tamar.  She was Absalom's daughter and the Bible states she became a beautiful woman in 2 Samuel 14:27.

Three Tamars with three different stories.

When did I come to realize I am a virgin daughter of the King?

I am in the process of realizing it.

I know God loves me.  I don't doubt it at all.  
That I'm forgiven and redeemed with the blood of Jesus-no doubt either.

But to look at myself as a virgin daughter is taking more time.  

I shared the other Tamars' stories to show that out of horrible circumstances and situations, God can make us beautiful.  Not what the world considers beauty, but what He, our King, considers beautiful.  These women formed part of Jesus' earthly lineage.  And we too are part of His family, if we do God's will (Mark 3:35).

Tamar was a virgin, beautiful, obedient, serviceable, good cook, trusting, and knowledgeable about God's Word (2 Samuel 13).  After Amnon raped her, she lived as a desolate woman.  What happened to her forever changed her into someone who she wasn't. 

God is helping me see myself as He sees me-a virgin daughter.  In my case, it didn't and isn't happening overnight.  It's a battle.  I have to counterattack the enemy's lies with God's Word.  I have to learn who I am in the Lord and not who I became because of the circumstances in my life before Christ.  I am choosing not to let those things shape me and mold me into someone I think I should be.  I want to be the woman He knew before I was formed in my mother's womb.  I want to fulfill the purpose in my life that He established before I was born.  

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