Friday, May 28, 2010

Count Your Blessings

Picture 19

1. When Hubby came home this Friday is was P-A-R-T-Y time...he's home for two straight weeks and 1 day!!!!!! And although we have some little odd and ends that have to get done around the house...he will rest in the name of Jesus...I trust the Lord will renew his strength and give him vigor!

2. Hubby had another class this weekend (it's still weird for us no to have him here with us on Saturdays, even if it's just one) and he got an A on his first paper!!!!!!!!!

3. Got so speak to Mami from Ecuador and she asked fro prayer for a vigilia she's having in the house on Saturday

4. Visited Abuela's on Saturday and she made a locrio for us and johnny cakes...she sent us home with 1/2 dozen too!

5. Enjoyed a wonderful and renewing time in prayer with my FIC!

6. I have finished a lot of our homeschooling planning for this upcoming year...I'm so grateful to the Lord because at first it seemed a bit overwhelming (this new curriculum has LOTS of information) but as I began I found it easy to do and was getting so excited for this upcoming year

7. Got to go to Michael's and saw this

it brought back memories for me: I did find what I was looking for a little project I will be working on...will post pics:)

8. The weather has been absolutely beautiful:)

9. Prayer on Tuesday was great! The children were determined to pray and call on the name of Jesus!

10. We received our wedding invitation to my BIL's sister's excited to go and see them get married in the presence of God!

11. I got on a cleaning streak...and the house feels lighter and lighter:)

12. Hubby was able to finish painting some things around the house and the kitchen is taking on a new look (not color:)

13. Got a great deal on a bookshelf for the girls room...I didn't know exactly how to decorate their room until I heard the Lord guide me to adding a splash of color with the bookcase:)

14. Really enjoyed fellowship with a FIC after Co-Pastor is the funniest sheriff I know and knows CPR:) but didn't get to use it on his most recent heroic encounter:)

15. My tot got some new pjs (which she's reallly excited about) and Hubby picked up his bike outfit from Target, so now he looks something like this on his bike

Just kidding!

16. Visited Abuela and got to congratulate Papo early on his earthday...Lord extend his days for Your glory in Jesus' name

17. Michelle & John blessed us with some coupons...thanks fam:)

18. Got some good samples and coupons for free items in the mail:)

19. Got some swagbuck referrals:)

20. God is awesome!!! This weeks I have seen Him deposit a peace that truly surpasses all understanding...thank You Father for the strength and determination that only You can deposit. We're in Your hands and trust You...Your promises are YES and AMEN in You!

Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness.
Let the whole word know what he has done.
Psalm 105:1

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