Thursday, May 27, 2010

BF Homework: Chapter 21

The weeks are just passing by so quickly. Chapter 21 already!?

Last week our hearts were being mended by truth- the truth about ourselves as parents. As I had commented on Sydney's post, it's so important that our children see break through occurring in our lives. Our example of freedom will mirror for them a genuine relationship with Jesus. We need Him for EVERYTHING! Confessing Him as Savior of our lives didn't end at the altar when we professed our faith, it continues daily depending on Him.

This week we're switching gears a bit. Last week we dealt with forgiving anyone who hurt us and also seeking forgiveness from our children. This week we're talking about betrayal.

To be honest, when I was reading this chapter I was like, "OK, this is going to be a hard one because I can't relate." But even that revealed something about me.

Betrayal can happen in different degrees so we're not here to categorize it in any way. We are not seeking to minimize or glorify it.

I had to read and reread this chapter and the Lord started showing me something beautiful. So this week we will answer the question:

If you had been in Jesus' place (not if you had been Jesus), how would you have dealt with Judas?

Our answers will be interesting and also revealing. An important statement Beth makes is that betrayal can either hurt and hurt OR hurt and help. Which one will you choose today?

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