Thursday, May 13, 2010

BF Homework: Chapter 19

Chapter 18 Straight to the Heart did just that--went straight to the heart.

Sure, there are things we'd rather not remember and not think about anymore, but these places, people, and events have to visited in our hearts. The only one that can stop our freedom is ourselves. If we make the choice to hold on to these things rather than releasing them into the healing hands of Jesus, we will be held captive.

I can certainly sense Holy Spirit digging deeper in our lives. Maybe that's what this study should have been called, "Digging Deeper" because for so many of us we're like, "I've done this been there, cried and even vomited."

But He's digging deeper. He wants it all out, yes, even the residue. He wants to undo the effects of those chains in our lives to ensure blessed generations ahead. Isn't He just so good?!

His purpose is eternal not temporal. He's not into making us cry a little, renounce a little, confess a little so that we can make it through the next couple of months. He wants to change us into the image of His Son Jesus!

Remember that as we're going through Chapter 19. Let's also not forget what we've learned thus far. Think about our benefits and obstacles.

This week we will be answering Beth's question found on page 118.

Think about your own childhood. Can you identify an experience that would be characteristic of God at work? Can you identify a handiwork of Satan?
I just want to add as well part B to the questions above.
How has God used each of those experiences for your good today?

Now please pray for me. I don't remember LOTS of my childhood. I have asked God whether it's a defense mechanism or Him just erasing the files. So I trust, that Holy Spirit will remind me of what's necessary.

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