Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Winding Down

Today, has been a different kind of day.

I started my day in the Word. At church we're studying the books of Revelation and Daniel. As I sat there with my Bibles and commentary, I was just thinking, "Holy Spirit, I need a revelation on Revelation." Hubby mentioned he found a good website, so he'll pass the link on to me.

Then I went off to CVS and Walgreens with Syd and the girls. I got some really good deals.

No this candy isn't for any of us...remember I'm free from that addiction for God's glory! This is for the boxes for Operation Christmas Child. I am no where near my goal of buying things for the boxes. I think it's so good to start early and do it year around as opposed to doing it last minute. The entire trip was fun(ny) with my niece falling, bumping into things, and having a struggle with the wind and her skirt. She has a great sense of humor. I think she laughed the hardest throughout it all.

Then, I came home with a game plan. To cook:

1. fish alfredo

2. wraps for tomorrow
2a. (3 bags of wraps to freeze for later)

3. tator tot casserole(into the freezer)

Earlier in the week I had made bread and a batch of pancakes. But in all of this I praise the Lord. Although we can pat ourselves in the back and think we've accomplished something, it's nothing without His presence. It not about getting the job done, but how we get it done. His peace and love were with us. Hubby and the girls helped either directly or indirectly and I thank God for it.

So now it's my wind down time. The girlies are off to bed. I am sitting here sipping on coffee and about to read this new resource I found here, or at least try to until Hubby calls me to give him a hair cut:)

I also changed the comments on the blog. I thought it would make things easier and more interactive. All you have to do is enter your name and email address, which is not visible and your web/blog address which is optional. You enter your email address in case someone wants to respond directly to your comment or you theirs, you get an email stating a reply has been made. You can also subscribe to comments or replies of that specific post. I hope I didn't complicate things by explaining it. Trust me, it's easier.

How do you wind down?

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