Saturday, April 10, 2010

Monthly Round Up: March

I have been wanting to do our monthly roundup for March and kept on postponing it. April arrived soooo quickly. So here I am on April 10 doing our monthly roundup.

March seemed like a month to tighten up the loose ends for us.

My tween took her standardized test and did very well for God's glory. My tot was a lot more relaxed in her studies. She hasn't yet finished her subtraction packet nor have we finished George Muller yet.

I, on the other hand finished the Elsie books 1-3 and they are GREAT! We plan on using them in next year's curriculum. This is one of those sets you should order and give to your daughter to pass on to hers. Both girls are looking forward to using them.

We still don't have the full curriculum but I am excited to see where the Lord is taking us.

So far, I see His hands guiding us towards more of a hands on approach using other materials besides books. Some curriculums are more hands on and with DVDs. I really have to hear from the Lord though because I don't want get midway and say, "Ummm, I guess this isn't going to work after all?"

The girls also enjoyed working with their cousins towards the end of this month and early April which was so good for us all. I was also able to review the Rod and Staff for my tot. It looks so well done.

Are you tying up some loose ends? Have you decided on anything for next year's curriculum?

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