Monday, April 26, 2010

Encounters of the God Kind

I wanted to post this while it's still fresh in my mind and heart.

How many know we serve a mighty and awesome God?!!!!

On Friday, while walking to CVS with Syd, I spot something in the middle of the street. We're actually crossing the street, so I kick it to the sidewalk and pick it up. It's a USB and I think, "Great because we actually are in the market for one." But inside I'm thinking, if it has a name I will have to find a way to get it back to the person. I also silently ask the Lord that the person may have peace about it until Monday since I figured most likely it would be a teacher's. Little did I also know that my tween was hoping it wasn't a college student's whose thesis was on it (she was close:).

Hubby informs me that indeed a teacher's name is the owner on Friday, so I bookmark to go to the school on Monday.

So today, I wake up and get on with my daily duties. Holy Spirit gently reminds me that I have to go now (I was planning on going later in the day:). I look up the teacher's name on the USB (which by the way was in a case whose carabiner was run apparently run over by a car while leaving the rest of the USB unharmed) and the call the school. I speak with Nicole who is super hyper on the phone stating, "You don't understand, that's my life on there." I'm like OK, will be there soon.

I get there and she's soooooo excited. She starts crying and crying and telling me, "You don't know what you just did. This means so much to me. I'm a student and all my work is on there. I had a paper due on Friday and told my professor I lost my USB. We just announced over the loud speaker about it and then you call. My professor is coming in 6 minutes to pick up my work from the USB. Can I please hug you?"

That's the God we serve. She and I and the security guard started talking about our lives. We were three different woman at three different points in our lives but each of us was glorifying God for what He had done. She was so thankful and did notice the damage to the carabiner but the careful preservation of the USB. Had I waited even 5 more minutes, I would've messed it up. Only God!

This has been another encounter of the God kind!

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