Monday, April 12, 2010

Chapter 14: The Ancient Boundary Stone

God had been reminding me that as a family we have a mission statement (as weird as it may sound). Each of us knows the vision for the family. As Hubby and I discussed the boundaries for our lives, marriage, and family, we revisited the mission statement.

Although this is not all of them, I will list what we picked as boundaries. I also reworded them, because the Holy Spirit guided me to do so.

Looking back at your ancient ruins, what are some boundaries you want to create for you, your marriage, your children, so that when they tour their ancient ruins they don't find what you did. You can do this individually or with your spouse. Come up with at least 5 boundaries and you might want to include why this is an important boundary for you. Pray about it and ask Holy Spirit to guide you.

I wrote these randomly, so there's no specific order. And after reviewing them, I notice they coincide with one another.

1. Choose to Love
Love is not an emotion; it is a choice; it is an action. We must choose to love in all circumstances, not how the world views love, but how Christ does. Love covers a multitude of sins. Love corrects, disciplines, forgives, encourages. This key to me when I am confronted with forgiveness-that too is a choice not an emotion.

2. Choose Unity
Hubby and I are committed to coming into agreement in ALL areas of our lives. Does that mean that He and I always think the same and view something the same way-YES! Why? Because we both have the mind of Christ. I am not trying to push an agenda on him or vice versa. We want to do things God's way and not our own. A house divided falls and we don't want ours to.

3. Choose to Speak Truthfully
We don't think that anything can hurt a relationship as lying, deceit, secrets. Speaking truthfully also excludes sarcasm and exaggerations. We are instilling in our children to speak ruth regardless of the consequences. When we lie, we don't imitate our Father, but rather the father of lies-satan. We don't want to risk opening doors to satan.

4. Choose Effective Communication
Effective communication over here is not just talking about what happened in the physical realm but digging deep as what happened in the spiritual realm. We don't want to overlook things, forget the words spoken, and just move on. We can say or do hurtful things to one another that require ministration not a band aid. How Holy Spirit decides to do it, we don't know, but we're open in the name of Jesus. We want ministration. Lord, deliver us from thinking we're done.

5. Choose to Discipline with Love
Emotions are not bad but being guided by them is. Correction whether to each other in the marriage or to our children should not be a fleshly outburst. I don't want to be that nagging wife who has her husband wanting to live on the roof. Nor do we as parents want to exasperate our children. We can't be Holy Spirit to one another but we can reflect Christ to one another. I have witnessed the biggest changes in our marriage and children when they see a consistent example of a godly woman rather than an emotional one.

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