Thursday, April 15, 2010

BF Homework: Chapter 15

Disgusted...that's how I felt after my second reading of Chapter 15. I was disgusted by the enemy and what he does in the lives of so many--kill, divide, and destroy.

But my "urgghhh" feeling doesn't stop there. It makes me want to eliminate any traces of him (the devil) from my life, my lineage, and hence my legacy in Jesus' name.

Are you with me? Did you feel that same icky feeling reading about his wiles and deceit, knowing he preys on the ignorant?

This week's study has definitely been an eye-opener over here and I hope it has (or will be) for you as well.

Our homework assignment is found on page 280 in Chapter 15's Discussion Questions.

What have you seen in yourself that you disliked in a parent or grandparent?

I have noticed that usually the things we don't like in others is due to the fact that we do the same things ourselves. No more finger pointing or nit picking at others. Remember that as we're touring the ancient ruins, it is still about us. So let's be alert and vigilant, sober minded and determined to rebuke the enemy out of our lives with the authority given to us in Jesus!

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