Thursday, April 8, 2010

BF Homework: Chapter 14

Wow last week was intense to say the least.

But reflecting on the ancient ruins was an eye opener for us. Just seeing how the Lord kept us and brought us out of all that mess is a testimony of His love.

This week we'll be looking at The Ancient Boundary Stone. I think that for most of us when we think of boundaries we can think of limitations, restrictions, and rigid rules. However, we'll be looking at boundaries from God's perspective-freedom, safety, and love.

So as we tour the ancient boundary stone let us not forget what we've learned thus far, especially from touring the ancient ruins. Taking all of that in, this is our assignment:

Looking back at your ancient ruins, what are some boundaries you want to create for you, your marriage, your children, so that when they tour their ancient ruins they don't find what you did. You can do this individually or with your spouse. Come up with at least 5 boundaries and you might want to include why this is an important boundary for you. Pray about it and ask Holy Spirit to guide you.

The purpose of this assignment is not just to have another list. But rather to (1)understand that we NEED boundaries (2)help to pin point areas of our lives where we have crossed the boundaries (3)keep one another accountable.

The more detailed we are, the more the Holy Spirit ministers us because pride is not in the way. We're calling things what they are and not trying to mask them behind religious Christian phrases like "I'm in victory" when you came to church fighting with your spouse. Let's keep it real with ourselves and each other because God already knows and His opinion of us is the only one that matters.

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