Monday, March 22, 2010

Chapter 11: The Obstacle of Prayerlessness

Spend some time praying for another person.
After you have prayed for this person, write them a letter
regarding what Holy Spirit put in your heart regarding them
during prayer.
Give them the letter

Our homework for Chapter 11 was different indeed.

When Holy Spirit gave me this assignment, automatically my heart chose someone. I had been praying for this particular person and wanted to write them an encouraging letter with Scriptures for her stand on during this season in her life.

Then another person came to my heart. I have prayed for this person too and coming into the knowledge that he, an unbeliever for now, wanted to hear from me and my family, got my gears going. I thought of what I could write that would edify his life and draw Him closer to Jesus.

And yet another person came to my heart. And I thought, certainly this is a person I WANT to write to. I have so much to share with them concerning things from our past and my desire for our future relationship.

But last night, as I lay in bed asking the Lord, "Who is it Lord?" He answered me with a specific person and to be honest by thoughts were like NO WAY! (That's when you know it's God!) It's not that I didn't want to write to this person nor because I don't pray for this person but the truth is I didn't think that this person would want a letter from me. In the past, things I have said have been misconstrued by the devil and he has tried so much to destroy this relationship because He knows I am asking for her salvation and believing God for it!

So it wasn't until today that I was able to come before His presence and lift this person in prayer. And as I prayed for her, I felt such pain in my heart. I asked God to spare her any unnecessary pain because I see so much of the old me in her. I've been where she is and know that without God, it could have nearly killed me. So I prayed and prayed. And my biggest prayer for her is that she would know God's love. Because when we know His love, we can see who we are in Him, we don't fear rejection for His perfect love casts out all fear, we don't harbor hatred or hurt because His loves heals all wounds, we don't live in the past filled with regrets, shame, or guilt because His love causes our eyes to be fixed on our eternal future with HIM!

So I wrote His letter to her.

And trust that because He wrote it, Holy Spirit will minister. His Word never returns void. And I am confident in His love for her will accomplish His purpose in her.

What did you learn?


  1. Being obediant to God's Word and doing what He has asked us to do is key to seeing victory!

  2. Sister, I was thinking who should I pray because i need to write the letter and i have someone in mind but the holy Spirit told me who He wants me to pray for and I thank God for this opportunity.
    Thank you Holy Spirit.

  3. I'm so glad Holy Spirit is speaking to us and ministering our lives. I've learned a lot about who God wants me to be through this homework assignment. He is truly just so good!

  4. As soon as I read this assignment, I knew it was from God! I know the Lord will glorify Himself greatly!


May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14