Thursday, March 25, 2010

BF Homework: Chapter 12

Last week's homework continues to minister me. I am learning so much from it. I had commented on Sydney's blog post that when God is leading prayer it is filled with love, compassion and passion, peace and joy and faith. Prayer is no longer an obligation but a privilege.

Our words have the power of life and death in them and as children of God we should use His Word to encourage one another.

Think about the last time someone spoke hurtful words to you. How did it affect your heart? Can we believe the Lord that just as someone's words can hurt, His can heal?!!

The devil wants to deceive us into thinking that it's useless to go and encourage someone with the Word they may already know. He tempts us to rather criticize, pass judgement, offer our unsolicited opinions on the matter. So let's not give in. Let's pray and encourage one another!

As we're coming to our last obstacle, I know the Lord will continue to strengthen us. The enemy is against us but the Lord is for us! Let's continue to press on in the name of Jesus.

Our next obstacle to tackle is legalism. And it must be pretty serious for Jesus to speak to the Pharisees and call them whitewashed tombs. Now that's not the Jesus we often see portrayed, but it is the Jesus of the Bible who is adamantly anti-legalism.

So for this week, we'll be answering some questions, with the goal of identifying this poison in our lives to be rid of it for God's glory.

1. What causes legalism to manifest in your life?

2. How does legalism manifest in your life? Beth makes a mention of some conditions, but feel free to name your own.

3. How has legalism hurt you from being free?

We'll meet up again on Monday and share what the Lord has revealed. Why do we share?

1. So we can pray for one another
2. Have accountability
3. Testify about God's goodness

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  1. I praise the Lord for the encouragement I have received from my much loved family in Christ.

    We must continue to pray to have eyes that see and ears that hear because the Holy Spirit reveals when there is a specific need within the body, definately not to judge, but rather to lift up one another in prayer.


May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14