Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow, Snow, and Snow

I had heard that it was going to snow, but I didn't really think it was to hit the area like it did. It was a perfect snow day though. The girls actually napped (well, my tween laid in bed snuggled under the covers) and I took the opportunity to read the Word and pray.

Then Hubby texted me letting me know he was coming home early. We made plans that when he got home, we would take the girls out to play in the snow. My thoughts were, "go out, take some pictures, come right back." But then Syd called me and invited us to go sledding with her and her tween.

Snow+Hubby getting out early+an invitation=sledding!

So we got dressed and headed out.

Can you see the excitement on my face? Syd is so calm and collected and I am like, "Bring it on!" Mind you, I had already begun sledding before we reached the park.

This is me sledding on the streets of NYC! I don't think I could look at that street the same.

This is the hill we went sledding down. Can you find Syd in the picture?

Overall, we had such a great time laughing and enjoying ourselves. I lay laughing on the floor after my turn down the hill that Hubby wondered whether I was OK or not? Syd and I even took a ride down together. We laughed and laughed while we came to a full stop in the bushes!

I am so grateful to God that He allowed me to go. Usually, I am the "go ahead, I'll stay behind" type. I enjoyed the family and I enjoyed seeing the works of His hands!

He spreads the snow like wool
and scatters the frost like ashes.
Psalm 147:16


  1. I surely did not have plans to go out in the snow but I thank the Lord that HIS thoughts are much higher than mine. I am thankful for the snowday! (oh! and the parking reg's that are cancelled..thank you Jesus!)

  2. I had a great time:) It was nice to see my wife, sister in law and girls have a good time. --- My little one began by going down the hill with daddy, then ended up going down by herself: regular style, layed all the way back (sleeping position), and yes head first. She makes me laugh:)

  3. You all are such beautiful ladies. Again, I have to comment on the pictures. Love them!!!


May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14