Monday, February 8, 2010

Chapter 5: To Find Satisfaction in God

How about you? Does your hungry soul ever manifest physical symptoms such as irriability, selfish ambitions, anger, impure thoughts, envy, resentments, and eruptions of lust?

Ummm, yeah!

First, let me start off by stating, "I am ugly without prayer!"
Really, Karen without prayer is not someone you want to be around. I NEED prayer!

But right away, I identify with irritability, anger, and resentments as physical symptoms of my hungry (starving soul). For example, something could pop up. If I haven't spent time with the Lord, I may over react, speak a little louder or longer than I have to, and not be as quick to forgive as the Lord commands. Prayer truly makes the difference. Praise the Lord, the outbursts are fewer and shorter, but I do not want to conform. I want to be free, completely free!

The Holy Spirit wanted me to talk about something completely different though, which to be honest I am not the most comfortable with. When I asked Holy Spirit what he wanted to talk about, He answered, "Eruptions of lust. Marriages are not dealing with issues in My presence instead they are using intimacy to cover up the issues."

So how's the intimacy in your marriage? Some questions to consider:

What is your view of intimacy?

Do you have a "taking one for the team" (we're intimate to please my spouse) mentality?

Do you have a "it's great to break up (argue) to make up mentality"?

Do you use intimacy as a weapon (withhold it when things aren't 100%)?

Feel uncomfortable being intimate with your spouse because you're uncomfortable with your appearance?

Think that your spouse is not satisfied with you because of your appearance?

Being intimate makes you feel dirty?

Do you think it's wrong to enjoy intimacy with your spouse?

Are you comfortable with discussing intimacy with your spouse?

Do you see a difference in your intimacy compared to your practices in the world?

Hubby and I discussed some of these questions Saturday night and I encourage you to do the same. Now I can start to see why the Lord started getting the husbands involved in the study:) God is so good. This talk will definitely being eye-opening.

Years ago, Hubby complained that in the world (we were together five years before we came to Christ and got married) we never had any issues in the intimacy department. We were lying in bed and I turned to look at him and said something like, "Oh honey, get over it, of course we didn't have any issues, I had like a thousand demons!" I turned around and Hubby got ministered. He remembers wanting to go and take a bath after I said that. The Lord works in mysterious ways:) Yesterday, Hubby said that is was that conversation which made him look at our intimacy in a completely different way.

So please, pray and then go and talk to your spouse about what the Lord puts in your heart. Expect freedom!