Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Busy Bee

Last night, before the girls went to bed, I told them that we were going somewhere the next morning. My tween automatically said, "It's not a run right?" She meant whether I was going to CVS or something like that. Does she know me or what? My tot guessed, "Are we going to the library?"

I didn't give them any clues other than it was fun and not the library.

I told Hubby that I thought it would be a good idea for us to go and have a free breakfast all together over at IHOP.

Hubby was so cute. He was so surprised that I wanted to go. So we woke up early and headed out. While we were driving over there, my tween was still persistent it was a run.

They were delighted when we pulled up and parked right in front of IHOP. They were even happier knowing that Papi was going to have breakfast with them too!

The waitress sat us down and we ordered a carafe of orange juice and a stack of free pancakes for each of us.

My tween was so shocked that they were free. She couldn't understand why someone would order something other than the free stack. It was so funny to see her mind at work.

Well, we ate and dropped Papi off. Then yes, we went to do some runs. I made it home a little bit later than I had wanted, but it was worth it. The girls and I and Hubby had a good time.

I know that the Lord is continuing to minister me in this area, since I am more of a stay-at-home person than a let's get up and go kind of girl. But he's molding me. So much so that later today, it's off for a visit to my in-laws (FIL comes home today from the Dominican Republic--we are all so excited to see him again after like four weeks:)

What are your plans today? Do they include pancakes?


  1. The pancakes were delicious and Free! However, priceless was the look on my daughters faces when they knew that daddy was in on the trip before coming to work. It was nice. I really enjoy it when my little eats on her own with passion because it means she really likes the meal. She smiled and said " Mami, I really like this surprise trip while putting the fork with a big piece of pancakes in her mouth"-- Thank you Jesus for what you have done in my wife, girls and home. You are Faithful!

  2. Sis this is one for the record books: you've surprised me 2x this year already #1.sledding and #2. spontaneous trips.....looks like the Lord is not only freeing you but allowing you to experience new things...Praise the Lord!

  3. YEEPPPP!! My day did include free pancakes :) oh! red potatoes and bacon, too woo hoo!!!!


May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14