Saturday, January 9, 2010


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God is so funny that at times He brings you back to where you first began but makes it different. Ok, so what does that have to do with Pathmark?

When Hubby and I first got married, we decided to shop at Pathmark even though we had supermarkets that were closer. Why? Because it had parking whereas the other one didn't and the other one, well we didn't like the way the meat looked (which is why we're still at BJ's, we're picky about how the meat looks). So, we would go with our one child at the time and fill I think two carts full of "groceries" totaling over $300.00 and then come home and then not have food for dinner for the week. Throughout the years, we stopped going to Pathmark and the Lord has ministered us both on shopping and our eating habits. Praise the Lord!

So now that we are strategic shoppers (aka couponers), it's funny how the Lord has brought us back to Pathmark. What are some of the things that we're liking about it:

1. They take internet coupons
2. They have their own coupons in their "super saver" (thanks Michelle for letting me know) and renew and rejuvenate book (haven't looked out for this one yet)
3. They're open 24hrs (this is a BIG plus for us)
4. Big variety
5. You can also load your club card with coupons from home from their website
6. They have their own catalina's (Pathmark money). I haven't tried it yet though.

This has shown me that you have to be willing to try new things and in our case retry old things. Don't get stuck in one way of doing things; they're may be a better way or even a way of improving on your current shopping system.

It's also very important to speak to management to get to know their policy. For example, my SIL's Pathmark doubles coupons whereas mine does not. If possible, print out the stores coupon policy from their website and carry it with you. Be informed.

So although this has added another store on our list, it is making things easier for us which is weird because our initial goal was a place where we could do all of our shopping. I'm glad that most of the stores we go to are within walking distance or within a mile. Shopping has become fun!

So how is your shopping coming along? What works for you?


  1. Sis I feel the same way about when John and I started to go shopping we would buy all this junk every week and still eat at abuela's cause there was no food in the house..go figure. I'm still waiting for that eating healthy list you mentioned. Also we shopped again at Pathmark tonight and we learned something very important, my Pathmark doubles coupons up to 99 cents. So if I have a dollar coupon they will not double it the value has to be less to or equal to 99 cents. So we learned a lesson. Another thing we learned was that they have certain clubs that if you buy $100 worth of products in that particular club,you get $10 off your next grocery bill. We are finicky about our meat also, and still go to our old supermarket for our platanos 8/$1 and meat. And by far the cheapest milk is in the expensive local supermarket for $2.59/gallon, so I guess sometimes you have to waste more gas to get better deals.

    Happy Shopping!

  2. Karen, this is good stuff. You are very resourceful. Praise God. We must learn to be frugal and resourceful as women. Amen!! I'm learning a lot from you.

    I wish stores like Pathmark had organic sections. I haven't been to one lately, maybe they do. :)

    We do not have Pathmarks up by us, but I can still apply the same principles.

  3. I noticed in this weeks circular they have many good deals that can be paired up with coupons for additional savings.


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