Monday, January 18, 2010

Chapter 2: The Reign of Christ

"If our liberty in Christ is going to be a reality in life, we are going to have to learn to walk in the freedom of Christ, independent of everyone else we know."

"God always cares more for our freedom than even we do.

These are two separate statements, Beth Moore makes in pages 18-20.

After reading this chapter, I was reminded of God's mercy. Wow, He's so rich in mercy. These two sentences jumped at me because they were crucial to my deliverance back then and now. Let's work our way forward though.

When the Lord first started to deal with me regarding captivity, He used a sister in Christ from my church. She would come up to me and the conversation would go something like,

SIC: How are you sister?

Me: Fine.

SIC: The Lord brought you to me the other day, although I don't really know if it was the other day since time goes by so fast, but the point is you've been on my mind and I know it's because the Lord has put you there. I'm just getting this "ughh" feeling in my spirit, so I wanted to know if everything is OK.

(Now at this point my thoughts are: God why do you have to talk about me with someone else. You could tell me. And what's this "ughh" feeling she's talking about and why is about me?)

Me: Yep, everything is OK.

SIC: Well, keep it in prayer because I've noticed in the past that the Lord usually brings a word of warning so as to prevent things in our lives, so that we can be praying and staying alert. So, if there's anything, feel free to talk to me.

Now at this point my thoughts are more like: Uh no God, here we go again some major revelation of what else is wrong with me. I don't know how many more things I have to confess.

You see at this point, I didn't have a good view of things. Sure, I wanted to be free. I would confess anything and everything the Holy Spirit would prompt me to say. However, and this was the big but for me, I was not willing to walk in freedom. The only true freedom comes through obedience of God's Word.

So although, confession and ministration were regulars in my life, submission and obedience were not. When Hubby annoyed me, I would lash out in the flesh only to repent later. I was captive to my emotions. I would call this same sister on the phone and let her know all the details about my latest fit. I was as honest as possible because I was really seeking help. After I would tell her all I had done, I would move on to what Hubby had done. She would often just say,

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."
Galatians 6:9

UHHHHH! I was confronted and caught. I was growing weary of doing good and wait for a harvest? No, I wanted it NOW!!!!

But that was it. She would tell me the Word and then left me to the Holy Spirit. And how I would love those moments. Even when I expected (and wanted him to) really give it to me good, He would love on me tenderly. He knew I needed a love I had never experienced-true love. He would correct me and encourage me. And still does.

I know He wants me to enjoy Him to the fullest. He cared about my freedom when I didn't. I had to be willing to look past EVERYONE to follow and obey HIM. That was then, what about now?

Well, God is so good that my Scripture Memorization #2 actually ties into this week's study so perfectly for me. Thank You Holy Spirit for guiding me to the perfect verse.

Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God?
Or am I trying to please men?
If I were still trying to please men,
I would not be a servant of Christ.
Galatians 1:10

Today, my prayer is for the Lord to continue to help me to look past EVERYONE, including and especially MYSELF, in order to walk in freedom through submission to HIM.

So what has Holy Spirit been dealing with you about? I know He's been opening my eyes to revisit some areas He and I had been to. Maybe I'll get to that in another post. This one has been long enough.

I'm adding a link up list just in case you wanted to share more regarding Chapter 2 and I didn't want to limit you just to commenting. Feel free to comment or link up or both or neither. Remember, we are free:)


  1. Wow! I followed a comment of yours from My Frugal Adventures and it must have been a God thing because these are things I deal with on a daily basis. What study are you doing? I adore Beth Moore. Anyway, just wanted to say hello! Denise

  2. Hi Denise,
    Welcome! We're actually doing the Beth Moore study from Breaking Free.

  3. I do agree with the statement that God cares more for our freedom than we do. There came a point in my life where I desperately wanted to be free as well.

    I wanted to live that abundant life that Jesus paid the price for but I was a slave to my emotions. I know the Word said that I must submit to my husband but I always thought I knew best. The Lord told me one day (after I just had a "fit") that I behaved liked that because I didn't trust Him (among other reasons).

    I repented and asked the Holy Spirit to help me. As loving and tender as He is He does on a daily basis. I thank the Lord that my marriage no ways mirrors what it used to be for God's glory.

    I have not received my book just yet but so look forward to reading along once it does arrive.
    Better late than never?

  4. God is so good. We have to remember that the Word of God says that He knows what we need before we ask Him. I thank the Lord because it was inferiority issues, love issues (not receiving His love and the love of others), pride, just to name a few of the things He has delivered me from, and all of these were brought about from a talk with a sister, or a dream that someone had. At the time it felt a little weird like why does something always have to be wrong with me, "oh no not another dream" but the Lord is faithful, there were many times in prayer that I asked the Lord to be different, to be the new woman He saw in me, to forgive me, and asked Him why I felt a certain way....and then He would deliver as promised, as asked. We serve an awesome God, who is always willing and able!

  5. I am so glad you brought up the trust issue Sydney. We'll be soon talking about that.

    Michelle, I know that God doesn't always do it the way we except or even want, but I thank Him for that. Because his ways are so much better.

  6. I thank God for sending the Holy Spirit, where the Spirit of the Lord is , there is freedom.

    When I was reading in page 18, " we are going to have to learn to walk in the freedom of Christ, independent of everyone else we know. I found that to be so true and it took me a long time to learned it. I know that even when I was not able to see the changes in me. He was working, The Holy Spirit has a lot of patience with me. I need to constantly remember that is by faith and his promises are true. He will finish his perfect work in us.

  7. Amen Maria! So often the enemy wants us to think that nothing is happening when in reality we know that He who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Phil 1:6)


May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14