Thursday, January 28, 2010

BF Homework: Chapter 4

God Bless Everyone!

Have you already read Chapter 4? I read it twice already!

During my first read, I was so excited. I mean really what's not to get excited about? We're talking about God's glory!

But as I sat there on my sofa on Monday while the girls slept, the rain and wind beating at my windows, Holy Spirit spoke to me, "That nice you're excited, now what area in your life don't you see Jesus (God's glory)?"

And that's the point. Yes, His glory is wonderful for He is wonderful. But instead of just getting excited (uh hum...emotional) about it, let's identify why and where aren't we seeing it in our lives. I love it that Holy Spirit is the anchor of my soul (Hebrews 6:19) and doesn't let me drift where emotions would want to take me,keep me, and bind me.

So our homework this week is to answer Holy Spirit's question,

"What area in your life aren't you seeing God's glory?"

Now this doesn't mean that God is not in that area or hasn't been working, but remember this is about breaking free. He's taking us from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:18).

So our homework is not only to identify the area(s) but we will be praying for one another as well. My desire is for each of us to take some exclusive time to pray for one another and not just present it at prayer during dinner:) So some alone time with the Lord interceding ladies.

You can leave your answer in the comments or the linky and that way we'll know what to pray for.

So I will go first in answering.

1. Homeschooling
I have definitely seen God's glory in homeschooling. But I want more. As an ex-teacher, I can have a limited view of what education should look like and I don't want to limit Holy Spirit. I also have certain expectations that lead me to compare myself at my tween's age and I know that doesn't please the Lord. I want to flexible and moldable without any expectations other than God is going to glorify Himself in their lives. So any strongholds in my mind, any pride on my part, I want it out in the name of Jesus!

2. Rushing
The Lord is ministering me on not using the words hurry up or words with similar meanings. On the contrary, He wants me to declare that there is no rush, we are waiting on the Lord. So I can't tell the girls hurry to eat, finish an assignment, get ready to leave to church even if we're running late, nothing. Nope, I have to reassure them there is time and even if there isn't, it's not worth our peace in Christ. So I don't want to be bound to my watch, time, or a rushed mentality.

3. Misplacing things
I struggle with being organized at times and my things being touched. When my loving husband puts things in his infamous piles for me or the girls touch my things, I get that "urrrgghh" feeling. My husband thinks I have to be ministered on this:) I really don't like when my things are touched and moved so that I don't know where there are. Believe me, this came from my upbringing. And while yes, it is a good quality not to touch other people's things without permission, I can't lose my peace over it. Secondly, I can condemn myself for misplacing things. If I can't find something, there is usually a mental battle raging. Thoughts like, "That is what happens because you're so disorganized," pop up and I have to cast them down. God corrects not condemns. So my prayer is to indeed be more organized but not obsessive and not to mind when my things are touched, moved, destroyed, broken (I am really believing for complete deliverance here:).

Please feel to let me know anything the Lord reveals to you in prayer. I want to be free!!!!


  1. Emotions many times tries to get the best out of us. I def. want to break free in this study and sincererity with the Lord and myself in prayer is vital to that freedom. Help me Holy Spirit!

  2. I hope I am not too late.
    I know I need God to work in many areas of my life. Some I can not even explain, but to mention a few
    discipline; myself and also the children that God is allowing me to have. I need more wisdom, direction, to be constant. what I would like is for them to see Jesus in me.

    words; the way I speak, I read all the proverbs in regard of the words of my lips, and about the mouth, but I need to take act on it, I want to be a blessing to other including my children went i declere words,I want to speak life and to glorify God in the words that comes out of my mouth.

    love; I need a revelation of what truly is to love the way Gods want me to love. If I truly love God the way the bible teach me ( with all my heart, mind, soul, strentgh ) and others like myself. them surely I will always see God's glory in every area of my life. You can start praying for these, the Holy Spirit will reveal more.
    I thank God for allowing me to see his Glory in many others area in my life. Glory to HIM.

  3. Never too late Sister Maria:)
    I will add your petitions to my prayers and trust in the Lord to see His glory in your life!


May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14