Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wrapping Things Up

Is it just me or do you like to clean your house at the end of the year? I know I sure do. You know my train of thought when deciding to keep or throw something away, "If I were moving today, would you come with me?" If the answer is no, then bye bye. No I don't want to store you just in case. Just in case I ever have to use you God will provide. So for now adieu, bye bye, ciao!

Besides cleaning up, we're also working on the budget and tightening things up a bit. Couponing has definitely cut some of our budget. Also, eating healthy has eliminated some products from our shopping list altogether. As per our Co-Pastor's wife advice, we're now checking the food labels a lot closer. Anything with MSG is a no no (salad dressing, canned soups, and potato chips). We're also committed to getting off a SAD (Standard American Diet) diet and onto a more natural food menu. So instead of buying processed foods, we're homemaking more things like cookies, ice cream, salad dressing, and will try more things. Cooking once and serving twice method will also reduce eating out. And planning ahead will avoid paying full price.

We're also setting up some financial goals. We want to pay off our mortgage ASAP. We have a specific number in mind, but are believing the Lord for more than we can think, ask, imagine, or dream of.

Another goal is time management. And how we can struggle with this one. We're purposefully setting up our schedules around the Lord instead of trying to fit Him into our schedules. Lord help us.

So are you planning for next year? What are your goals? Anything you want to change? improve? eliminate?

Note: If you're wondering how I made the bow above and want to make your own click here:)
It was a hit with my little nephew who kept asking me during Sunday's service, "How did you do that?"


  1. The bow was sooo cute and I just checked out the website and looks relatively easy to make. My tween wants to get started on one right away :)

  2. I think your ideas are awesome sis.... as for homemade items I think that's a great idea. John has a dream of being a city homesteader so we have plans to have a veggie garden and can some of the crops, and visit the farmer;s market in the summer and can our fruit. We've started making our own bread at home, so we no longer buy sliced bread. 2 days ago I made homemade Chilli from scratch which was yummy.

    Couponing for me....is not worth it, just because I need the time to do it and I just don't have enough of it right now. We've tried different supermarket, and have decided in the meantime to buy from different supermarkets. For instance our favorite supermarket has very expensive dairy items but our local one doesn't only $2.59 for a gal. of milk.....and $3 for cheese.....but the other one has cheaper meat and items on sale like canned veggies. Also I got a tip from a sis that told me that bagged beans are worth to make based on price, taste, and you can make them and freeze them so they last longer.So until I can learn to coupon and find the time to do it I'll stick to visiting several stores at once.

    We've been switching from coffee to tea. The Mc D's trips are very frequent. I think last time we went was for apple pie like 3-4 weeks ago.

    We've decided not to go bulk shopping, because the $54 membership is not worth it if we only go a few times a year and what we save is probably the same as the membership cost.

    Budgeting is def. in line. We want to get rid of all our debt.... and then we'll start on the mortgage.

    Time management is def. on my to do list. I think that's a great idea, to find time for everything else and spend time with the Lord first.

    This year I plan to give my all to the Lord, and give more and receive less.

    Tip....if you want to earn some extra $...sell some items on craigslist. You can sell anything without the hassle of shipping like in ebay.
    Want toys to give away.....freecycle and craigslist also has a free section.

  3. Michelle,
    I have been rethinking my BJs membership too but Hubby really likes the meat and fruit & veggies from there. But I am going to have to price compare since Syd told me that the prices have gone up. You're going to have to give me the recipe for the bread too. I really can't believe how much our food budget has gone down by eliminating certain foods from our diet all together.

    Aren't they just the cutest?! So easy and fun.

  4. Sis don't forget to get me that list of foods you have eliminated. I'm rethinking the cubitos de pollo since you told me they have msg, what do you use chicken stock? I will ask John to pass on the recipe cause he's the one that makes the bread. We are going on a bread adventure...lol. I'll blog about our bread making. So far we've done it 2x. But we have to buy the bread pans. I think this week we are going to make banana bread, or cinnamon raisin bread. I'll let you know.

  5. We're also updating our financial goals. We reorganized our budget during the summer, so we hope to have our goals for the new year set in January. My husband and I will be going on a Daniel Fast in January. I'm very excited about what God will reveal to us during this time of spiritual cleansing.


May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14